Fabulous Odense

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ISBN: 978-87-92750-26-6
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This guide to Odense is for everyone that visits the city looking for a little extra. Our goal is simple: to make your stay as relaxed, fun-filled end enjoyable as possible! This guide presents all the popular attractions as well as the many alternative experiences you might otherwise miss. We want to share our beautiful city with you in every possible way and this guide is a fine place to start. Don’t miss out on the major sights and hidden treasures in and around Odense on Funen
– the magical garden of Denmark.

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With this guide in hand you are sure to get the most of your visit to Odense: the heart of Denmark. Odense is a magical city with a rich tapestry experiences. From the ancient history of the Vikings, to the fairy-tales of Hans Christian Andersen. From medieval monasteries and cathedrals to modern family attractions. We have restaurants with excellent Nordic cuisine as well as low-key street food vendors serving Danish hotdogs. Or maybe you just want to pull the plug,and enjoy the beautiful nature of surrounding Funen?
Whatever you decide to do, we know your time is precious. Often people can’t stay for as long as they’d like. We want to make it easy for you to get the most of your stay - that’s why we made this book. The guide contains six categories, which can help you decide how to spend your time.

128 pages, format 12x16cm, 62 Issues in Odense and 17 Attractions near Odense – Worth the detour!